Cha Gio (Spring Rolls)

Cha gio, in English is “minced pork rolls” and the Vietnamese interpretation of a spring roll, is what a spring roll should be. Filled with minced pork, or shrimp and even crab meat for that real seaside flavor. An nice vegetarian meat substitute Teriyaki mushrooms, either way the shredded carrots, mung bean noodles and apples, etc.. result is a delicious and tantalizing flavor. The deep-fried, crunchy, and golden brown exterior is a mouth watering bonus. For me the most refreshing part about Vietnamese spring rolls that they can be served almost anything or just on their own.



Enough for 24-30 Spring rolls.


200g Teriyaki mushrooms

2 medium taro roots


400g of minced pork

For both vegetarian and non

2 medium sized apples
1 carrot
50g (dry weight) of mung bean noodles
20g (dry weight) (Nam meo) Tree/Wood ear fungus
1 medium sized egg
4g of salt
4g black pepper
24-30 small rice paper circles

noodles and fungus

Prepare the noodles and fungus


Place the noodles and fungus in a bowl, and cover with warm water, leaving them to soak for about 10 minutes, until the fungus becomes dark brown and the noodles are soft