Working Hard

DSCI0036Sadly my mother passed away in 1982, leaving the family business position her children, my oldest sister Thuy opened a street coffee shop, next inline was Diep, she sold sandwiches next to Thuy. leaving me to be running around serving customers for both of my sisters.

Later in 1993 I opened a morning restaurant , selling steamed rice, with meat or chicken with vegetables to staff of local factories and offices. I remember on my first day I only had five customers all morning, but in just twelve months I was serving over one hundred people, and I had three employees.

I ran my restaurant for just over seven years, buying and cooking for over one hundred people every day, varying the menu to keep my customers from getting bored. However in April 2000 it all became too much, I had been waking up at 4am and working until 7pm, 365 days a year and I had become ill, the left side of my body became paralysed and I was unable to work. So after 30 years of preparing and selling food I reluctantly sold my restaurant and moved to england.